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Self Exam Reminder Program

Let us help you remember those self exams and regular clinical exams

Early detection is one of the keys to survival. Yet, many women need help remembering to do regular self exams or schedule a clinical medical exam or mammogram. Discuss with your doctor the appropriate frequency of exams for you.

3M can help by sending you regular Post-it® Digital Note reminders that will "stick" to your desktop. We are committed to helping women remember to take these steps, which can help with early breast cancer detection and prevention.

Download the FREE Post-it® Digital Reminder Notes program. Based upon the exam schedule determined with your doctor and the information you enter, you'll receive a regular reminder that will stay on your desktop and let you know when to perform a self examination or schedule your clinical medical exam or mammogram.

  1. Download the free Post-it® Digital Reminder Notes
  2. Subscribe to the Self Exam Reminder Program

Installation Instructions

Set up convenient reminders for medical exams, mammograms and self exams through these simple steps:

  • Click the button to the right for a free download.
  • Then, click the "open" button to download and install the program.
  • Once the program is downloaded, it will automatically open a separate window and walk you through the installation process.
  • You will return to this site once the installation process is finished. When you return, click the "Set Up Reminders" button on the Post-it® Digital Notes icon and answer a few questions to customize your reminder.

Look for your reminder at the time interval you requested. Electronic Post-it® Notes act just like the popular paper version by "sticking" to your computer desktop.We'll only send you the information you request and you can change your subscriptions anytime directly from your desktop.

Important Note: The Self Exam Reminder Program is intended to assist and supplement your existing methods of remembering and scheduling exams. If, for any reason, you do not receive a reminder notice, you should continue to have examinations on the schedule as determined between you and your doctor.

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