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Monitoring Breast Health

A Worthwhile Reminder

It's a fact. Early detection of breast cancer is a key to survival. It's also a fact that many women do not remember to schedule regular mammograms or perform regular breast self-exams. Are you a part of these statistics?

  • A significant percentage of women over the age of 40 do not remember to schedule a regular mammogram, as directed by her doctor - a vital tool for detecting breast cancer at an early stage
  • Unfortunately many women do not even remember to perform regular breast self-exams, which can be a helpful step for detecting breast changes that may occur between annual physicals or mammograms
  • Over 90 percent of breast cancer patients survive when cancer is detected in early stages and treatment is begun promptly.*

3M is committed to helping women remember to take these steps, which can help with early breast cancer detection and prevention. Discuss with your doctor the appropriate frequency of your exams. Here are a few simple ways to help you remember your breast health:

  • Desktop Reminders: Sign up for the Breast Exam Reminder Program and receive regular reminders that will "stick" to your desktop.
  • Pick a Significant Date: Pick a date that is important to you – for example, the date of your birthday or anniversary – and make that the day on which you do a regular breast self-exam.
  • Starting a New Pack?: If you take birth control pills, perform a breast self-exam each month, as recommended by your physician, on the day you begin a new pack.
  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes: Stick a note on your bedroom or bathroom mirror or on your calendar as a reminder. These notes hold stronger and longer on vertical surfaces, so you'll have a reminder to perform regular breast self-exams.
  • Same Day Each Year: If your doctor has directed you to have an annual mammogram or clinical exam, choose a significant day of the year – a holiday like Valentine's Day, or the first day of a new season – and schedule your appointment for that day every year.
  • Schedule in Advance: If possible, make your appointment before you leave the doctor's office, so you're sure not to forget.
* Source:  American Cancer Society

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