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World's Largest Pink Ribbon 2004

The pink ribbon means something different for everyone. For one it might be a memory of one lost to breast cancer. For another it might be a symbol of what the future could bring. For yet another, it could mean survival. No matter what it represents to each individual, it brings hope to the thousands of people who are affected by breast cancer every year.

The World's Largest Pink Ribbon is unveiled in Times Square October 2004

More than a million people showed their support in 2004 to create the largest pink ribbon in the world, built with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.

World's Largest Pink Ribbon

Building the World's Largest Pink Ribbon!

The World's Largest Pink Ribbon took more than three days to construct, with workers placing 75,000 individual pink Post-it® Super Sticky Notes on the 136' x 57' billboard in Times Square. The World's Largest Pink Ribbon stands approximately 70 feet tall – that's 10 feet taller than George Washington's face on Mt. Rushmore!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Constructing 1 Constructing 2 Constructing 3

How did 3M Contribute?

3M, the maker of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, donated $1 to City of Hope Cancer Center for each of the first 75,000 people who signed up to show that they are "sticking up for breast cancer." City of Hope is one of America's top fifty cancer hospitals according to U.S. News and World Report. The 3M donation will help further the groundbreaking research conducted by City of Hope. Visit 3M Donations to learn about other ways 3M is supporting the City of Hope.

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