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Step-Saving Belt

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3M Step-Saving Belt

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This revolutionary belt featuring the 3M™ Cubitron™ abrasive grain uniquely eliminates and combines finishing sequences while providing extended life and consistent finish throughout the life of the belt.

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Performance Advantages

This is one of the most aggressive and durable non-woven belt on the market today. It works extremely well in metal blending and finishing applications for carbon, stainless steel and aluminum. It is ideally suited for backstand and centerless applications where multiple sequences are required. Specific features include:

  • Cubitron Abrasive Grain
  • Three-dimensional, non-woven construction
  • Consistent finish and cut throughout belt life
  • Controlled cut
Product Attributes
  • Low stretch backing
  • Cubitron abrasive grain
  • CRS and MED grades
  • Width range ½" to 8"
  • Length range 48" to 168"

Savings Calculator

After you have had the opportunity to test the new 3M™ Step-Saving Belt, use this Savings Calculator to approximate the annual cost savings that might be achieved using this more durable belt.

  3M Step-Saving
 Other Belt
Cost of abrasive Product *
# Of Parts Produced Per Abrasive Item *
# Parts Produced Per Year *  
Parts Produced Per Hour *
% Rejects *
% Rework *
Labor / Burden Cost Per Hour *  
Manufacturing Cost Per Reject *  
Manufactured Cost Of Product *  
Average Selling Price Of Product  
Time To Fix (Labor) Hours
Dollar Savings Using The 3M Step-Saving Belt
Abrasives Savings Per Year  
Labor / Burden Savings Per Year  
Raw Materials Savings Per Year  
Increase In Gross Profits (Throughput)  
Rework Savings  
Total Value  
* Requires Data Input To Obtain Savings Calculation

What customers say

Actual Field Test Results

Customer A:
While removing mill scale in 2B stainless steel tubing, this customer used a competitive 80 grit in the first head and got 1300 finished feet of tubing. With the 3M™ Step-Saving MED belt, they finished 14,000 feet of tubing, over a ten-fold increase in output. They have verified these results on two more occasions.

Customer B:
This customer manufactures aluminum and stainless steel dental chairs. They were using three steps for weld removal and finishing on a backstand; 36X, 80X and 120X. The Step-Saving CRS belt did the same job in one step.

3M Step-saving literature (coming soon)

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