What you'll need:

You will need a valid library card to use the 3M Cloud Library App and your library needs to have a subscription to the 3M Cloud Library service.

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App Help

Will updating to the new app cause me to lose my books?

No, updating the app will not result in the loss of the books you have checked out.

How do I know which app to install?

The app that you will need to download will depend on the type of device you want to use. The buttons on the left side of this site will direct you to the various app download locations.

What is the Featured area?

The Featured area is where your library has selected a small amount of the collection to highlight. This is only a portion of the entire collection that your library has to offer.

What is the Browse area?

The Browse area allows you to view the entire collection. You can select the categories you would like to search for content. You can also highlight and favorite the categories that you browse in the most.

What is the My Books area?

The My Books area is where the content that you have borrowed or placed on hold is accessible. This is the area you will go to access the books you have borrowed.

How to I search for a book?

You can click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the app to use a keyword search to find the content you are looking for.

How can I switch to another library or select a different account?

Within the main menu, on the left side of the app in the "Setting" area, you can logout of the app. This will allow you to log into the app under a different account.

How do I uninstall the Android App?

You can uninstall the 3M Cloud Library App by going to Settings/Apps/All/3M Cloud Library/Uninstall.

What are the system requirements for the 3M Cloud Library PC App?

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista

Recommended configuration:
The following configuration provides the optimal experience while using the PC application.
CPU: Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
Available Disk Space: Minimum 40 MB needed for installation.
Internet Connection: Broadband (minimum 1.5 Mbps)

Can I read e-books on the Web App/Website Catalog?

No. The 3M Cloud Library Web App was designed as a discovery application, allowing you to browse and check out e-books and from your local public library. However, it does not allow you to read the e-book.

Can I transfer books I’ve checked out on the PC to my personal e-reader?

Yes. Once you have checked out a book to your PC, you can transfer a copy to your e-reader.

To do this, connect your e-reader to your PC using a USB cable. When you connect it and go to the My Books tab in the 3M Cloud Library App, you will see a green button appear on each book you have checked out that says “Download to Device”. Click this green button to transfer a copy of the book to your e-reader.

Note: It is important that the PC and the e-reader have both been activated with the same encrypting account – either an Adobe ID account or a 3M Cloud Library ID account. If these are different, you will see a message that these are different. Changing the account, if you already have books on the device, will prevent you from opening some of the books.

How do I create and retrieve bookmarks/notes I've made in a book?

You can create a bookmark or note within a page of the book by tapping in the middle of the page. At the top of the screen, you will see a "Bookmark" button. Click on the button and a text field with a keyboard will appear allowing you to type a note into that page. To access the bookmarks you've made, simply click on the "Got To" button at the top menu and click on "Bookmarks and Highlights" to view and select the bookmarks you've created.

To get access to the already created bookmarks or to add notes, there is an icon for the content and bookmarks on the bottom menu. This takes you to the table of content and bookmarks. Click on the bookmarks tab to view the bookmarks. Click on the "i" next to a specific bookmark to add additional notes.

How do I change the viewing options (font size, margin size, night mode) while reading an e-book?

You can change font size, margin size and the reading mode while reading by tapping the middle of the screen to reveal the reading feature icons. By selecting FONT SIZE, MARGIN or MODE you can adjust these setttings to their desired preference. For PDF files, you can simply use the pinch to zoom action with their fingers to zoom in and out of the page.

Can the 3M Cloud Library iOS App read the text on the screen aloud to me? (Text-to-Speech)

The 3M Cloud Library provides Text-to-Speech compatibility through our iOS application. By entering into accessibility mode, a patron can navigate and checkout books in the 3M Cloud Library. On the iOS device, go to Settings/Accessibility/VoiceOver and slide the button to the right to enable it. Please note that once this feature is enabled, you can tap a button or word to select it and double tap it to open or run it. Also, swiping will require two fingers not one.

Once that is complete, navigate to the 3M Cloud Library. Checkout, open a book and the book will begin reading. If you want to learn more about VoiceOver for iOS devices, please use the following website: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ios/voiceover/.

Can I return an e-book early?

Yes. You can RETURN a book early by tapping the RETURN button within the book detail or within the LIST VIEW screen of the MY BOOKS area.

Can I print pages from the e-books or print my bookmarks?

No. At this time there is no option to print content from the e-books.

Can I export the bookmarks or notes I've made within a book?

No. At this time the 3M Cloud Library App does not have an export feature that allows you to export their notes. You will have access to the notes within the book whenever you have access to the book within the reading features.

General Help

What is my “cache”? Why should I clear it? How do I clear it?

The first time you visit a site, your browser will “save” pieces of the site. Many times web developers have to make updates to the files that comprise your site in order to push a change or new feature live. If we change a file that your browser has cached, it’s going to keep serving the old, cached version of the file and you won’t see our most recent change.

The process of clearing cache differs from browser to browser. Generally speaking, look for an option to delete cache or temporary files in your browser’s administrative settings.

What if I need to change my library in my Android App?

You can do this by clearing out your 3M Cloud Library App data. Go to Settings/Apps/All/3M Cloud Library/Clear Data.

Where can I go for additional information if I still need assistance?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question on our support page, please contact your local library.

How can I switch to another library or select a different account?

Click on “My Books” at the bottom of the screen. Once there select “Account Profile”. Here you can select “Change Library Identification”. You can select the state, library, ID, Pin and then accept the End User License Agreement. This will allow the Login button to be pressed and your new selections to become active.

When installing the 3M Cloud Library Software on my computer, I accidentally accepted the 3M Cloud Library ID instead of installing my personal Adobe Digital Editions ID. What should I do?

Follow the directions below for your version of the Windows operating system to delete the 3M Cloud Library ID from your computer:

For Windows 7 or Vista:

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Search %appdata%
  3. This should pull up a list of folders. Delete the 3M Cloud Library folder (basically just its cache, it is also where it stores an Adobe ID for DRM purposes).
  4. The next time you check out a book in the 3M Cloud Library App and open it, the 3M Cloud Library will use whatever Adobe ID your Adobe Digital Editions is authorized with. If you do not have ADE, it will ask if you wish to use the system-generated ID or to enter your own.

What is my Adobe Digital Editions ID?

This is usually the email address and password you used when setting up the account on the Adobe website where you initially applied for an Adobe Digital Editions ID. If you cannot remember your password, you can request assistance from Adobe at this website.

How do I renew an e-book?

The 3M Cloud Library does not have a renewal function. If a book is on hold it will automatically transfer to the next person in the queue. If the book is not on hold you can go through the check out process again.

Why can't I find a particular e-book?

Your library most likely does not own a copy of the particular e-book. Libraries have to purchase an e-book in the same way they purchase physical books.

How do holds work? Can I place holds on an e-book? How many holds can I have?

Yes, you can place a hold on an e-book. The number of holds allowed is set by your library. If you want to cancel a hold, go to the “My Books” page and click on “Show All.” This will take you to a new page that will display a “Remove from Hold List” button next to each book on hold. Simply click on the button next to the hold you wish to delete.

How long can I keep an e-book? How many e-books can I have out at one time?

Your library determines the check out / lending policy for e-books, which includes the number of days you can have the book checked out and the number of e-books you can have checked out at one time.

Why do I have to wait for an e-book? Aren’t e-books unlimited?

Libraries have to purchase an e-book in the same way they purchase physical books. The publishers require us to abide by one copy/one user model just as we do with physical books.

Do I need to create a account specifically for the 3M Cloud Library?

No, the 3M Cloud Library will use your existing library account, there is no need to create a separate account.

Do I need my library card or do I have to memorize my barcode in order to access the 3M Cloud Library?

No, you only need this information the very first time you log into the 3M Cloud Library.

Where do I browse and check out an e-book?

From within one of the 3M Cloud Library Apps, you can browse the collection by:

  • Shelves
  • Categories
  • Search

After you have found an e-book, select the e-book and select the “Checkout” or “Add to Hold List” button to check out or reserve an e-book. Once the e-book is available you can checkout and read the e-book within any of the 3M Cloud Library Apps.


If you still need help,
contact your local library.



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