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  Lifetime Guarantee on 3M Panel Bonding Adhesives
  3m.com is an online resource for bonding. Find information on panel bonding and bonding tape on our site. 3M announces an unprecedented automotive adhesive, 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive (PN 08115), so strong that it's guaranteed to perform to specifications for the life of the vehicle. The guarantee is just as strong. The lifetime guarantee covers all parts, materials, labor, and loss of use of the vehicle.

Never before has a company made such a guarantee! Using 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive, body shops can now be assured that the adhesive repairs they make will equal or exceed the strength of welding. Car owners and body shop professionals alike can feel confident about the choice of bonding over welding. 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive is for panel bonding only; it should not be used on structural components such as rails, rocker panels, core supports, etc.

Beyond its strength and guarantee, 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive's advantages over welding include excellent corrosion protection, reduced grinding time, curing on demand with heat, and sealing and bonding in one application.

Moreover, with adhesive bonding, there's less fire danger to the technician, less danger of damaging adjacent panels, and no danger of heat warpage of sheet metal, as there can be with welding.

And, with its easy application and short learning curve, 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive does not require the same specialized skills as welding.

Independent research has concluded that 3M™ Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive's bonding integrity is as strong as welding.* These impressive results did not compromise quality of workmanship. Researchers concluded that 3M's Panel Bonding Adhesive process "yields a finished repair that has the same aesthetic appearance as that seen on a factory installed panel."*

For additional information on this product, contact your local 3M Automotive Distributor or write to: 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, Attn: Jon R. Fryxell, 3M Center, Building 223-6N-01, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000.

*"Adhesive Bonding Roof Panels Time Study and Crash Evaluations," Manitoba Public Insurance, June, 1998
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