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  New 3M™ Scotchply™ SP 381 Epoxy Prepreg Offers Enhanced Toughness & Fatigue Performance
  ST. PAUL, Minn. – November 1998 – 3M Aerospace Materials, 3M Adhesives Division, has introduced 3MTM Scotchply SP 381 epoxy prepreg, a new generation of high performance epoxy prepreg material designed for use in primary structural applications.

SP 381 prepreg is formulated to meet many demanding aircraft structure specifications. It is a 250F (120C) cure prepreg available in a variety of reinforcements, including carbon and glass, and has excellent fatigue resistance. It also exhibits excellent processing characteristics and high performance in hot/dry and hot/wet conditions.

SP 381 prepreg is ideal for primary and secondary structural aircraft parts that require excellent hot/wet retention and fatigue behavior. These parts may include main rotor blades, rotating or cycled components, doublers, and composite/aluminum assemblies or parts. It is also ideal for many components requiring good durability, as PS 381 prepreg exhibits high toughness as measured by Compression After Impact (34 ksi).

Inherent resin performance provides for three- to four-fold increases in fatigue life over the full range of S-N spectrums compared to most conventional 250F (120C) cure epoxy products, the result of a 10- to 15- percent higher strain endurance limit during qualification testing. SP 381 prepreg can be provided on the reinforcement of choice, including intermediate and standard modulus carbon uni-tapes and conventional fabrics, and S2 E-glass uni-tapes or fabrics.

The 250F (120C) cure saves processing cycle time over 350F (177C) systems, typically twice as fast using autoclave or press processing. Also, SP 381 prepreg properties compare favorably to many 350F (177C) cure materials, with good mechanical performance retention up to 180F (82C) wet performance that in the past was typically attained only by using 350F (177C) curing prepregs.

SP 381 prepreg also is qualified to certain military specifications, including the spars of the main rotor blades on the Comanche helicopter, and secondary structures on F-18EF jet fighter aircraft.

3M Aerospace is part of the 3M Adhesives Division, which offers a full line of adhesives and tapes to help manufactures improve product design, assembly and performance. For additional information about 3MTM Scotchply SP 381 epoxy prepreg, please call 3M Aerospace at 1-800-235-AERO.
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