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Architectural Markets NeoCon 2013


Bold & Bright

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“A good designer is a storyteller. It’s our job to weave our client’s story into the fabric of the space.”

- Primo Orpilla

Principal, O+A


Hello, Primo

The “O” in San Francisco’s O+A, Primo is a proponent of democratic design, crafting creative spaces that express and support his clients’ identities. His firm has designed offices for AOL, Facebook, MTV, and Microsoft.

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3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes

The New Stained Glass

Meet the new film St. Catherine University used to recreate its chapel’s iconic rose window, transforming light into captivating colors that change with the viewing angle and time of day.

Available in cool (Chill) and warm (Blaze) colors.

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3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural

Meet Under the Tree

Craft intimate spaces with lightweight and flexible architectural finishes that look and feel astonishingly natural.

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500+ Patterns. Easy Installation. Swappable.

FLEX light module options

Bend Light

Imagine a fixture that can be suspended and curved to follow virtually any path you design. FLEX does. While also diffusing the light evenly.

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FLEX by 3M Lighting System


Lightfalls, by Todd Bracher
and 3M Architectural Markets

12 Points of Light

Lightfalls vastly extends the efficiency and reach of a single LED in a revolutionary and beautiful way.

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“I believe that design should be driven by reason and function, so when I engaged with 3M’s technical clout, engineering skills, and materials expertise, it was the perfect opportunity.”

- Todd Bracher

Designer, on his collaboration with 3M

One Bulb. Five Lights.

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