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scotch-brite hook loop disc

Scotch-Brite™ Hookit™ II Discs

This nylon/abrasive disc will provide longer life with excellent finishing and conformability. The new hook backing reinforces the discs and makes attachment easy. Superior finishes on solid surfaces, painted panels, metal and other substrates.

More Information: Scotch-Brite™ Hookit™ II discs
Disc Type: Ultrafine Superfine Veryfine
Clean & Finish 5ˮ x NH S       Buy Online

6ˮ x NH S       Buy Online

11¼ˮ x NH S  Buy Online
11¼ˮ x NH F  
Production Clean & finish   
5ˮ x NH A       Buy Online

6ˮ x NH A       Buy Online

11¼ˮ x NH A  Buy Online