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3M™ Mobile APIS (Advance Passenger Information System)

3M™ Mobile APIS solution combines the 3M™ Mobile ID reader and 3M™ Mobile APIS Solution Client software to provide a carrier with an automated and wireless method of creating arrival and departure passenger manifests, helping to meet Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “Final Rule” and sending data via UN-EDIFACT to CBP.

The front end solution helps to:

  • Capture and validate passenger information quickly and efficiently with one swipe of a passport or VISA – save time in check-in process, improve on-time flight departures and improve data accuracy.
  • Transmit APIS data from a handheld 3M Mobile reader through in-device Wi-Fi or cellular communication – easily accommodate last-minute manifest changes.

3M APIS Server Software runs on a PC, which allows the user to easily configure the required APIS flight details and at the time of flight close-out. The passenger PNL can be transmitted either through email or third party XML web services. AQQ (APIS Quick Query) can be enabled with CBP certified APIS pre-departure vendors.