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French cut pantyhose

Futuro™ Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose - French Cut

Soothes symptoms of tired or achy legs, mild spider and varicose veins or mild swelling. Graduated compression improves circulation to provide an energizing feeling.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for being on your feet or sitting in one place all day, traveling or doing active office work
  • Silky-soft material has a reinforced toe enhanced with durable run guard, so you'll look great even after repeated wearings
  • Graduated compression improves circulation with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg to provide an energizing feeling
  • Massage-in-motion massages tired, achy legs as you move
  • Vein therapy helps relieve mild symptoms of superficial
    spider veins and early varicose veins
  • Great for business casual and weekend wear