Basic System Tasks

Log in and Out

Log In

If you are logging in from inside 3M:


  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser and enter http://intranet/ematrix in the Address field.

  2. Press Enter.
    The eMatrix Information Center page displays.

  3. Click Login to eMatrix link on the top of the page.
    Your eMatrix home page displays.

Note: If an eMatrix log in window displays, your account may be inactive. Call the 3M PLM Helpline at 651-575-6173.

If you are logging in from outside 3M:

Note: If you already have an eMatrix account, you must also have a 3M Internal Active Directory account (a 3M user pin you use to log into 3M systems) or a Visitor Management (VSRM) account to log into eMatrix from outside 3M. If you do not have a VSRM account, contact the 3M PLM Helpline for assistance.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser and navigate to 3M Supplier Direct by entering in the Address field.
    The 3M Supplier page displays.

  1. Click the Registered Supplier Login link
    The Enterprise Network Login screen displays.

  2. Enter your 3M Active Directory or VSRM credentials in the user name and password fields and click Login.
    The 3M Supplier Direct Home page displays again.

  3. Click eMatrix link in the Quick Links box on the right.
    You are logged into eMatrix using Windows Single Sign-On if you have an active eMatrix account.


Log Out

Do any one of the following:

If you are not active in the system for an hour, you are automatically logged out. To stay logged on, you must click a button or perform a similar action. Typing in a field is not adequate to keep you logged on.

If you wish to log in again and are inside 3M, click .