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Electrical Solutions  
3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Textiles are useful for electrical applications because of their low conductivity characteristics.

Cable Protection and Insulation

Nextel™ Ceramic Textile's high electrical resistance at elevated temperatures, low shrinkage and low moisture absorption characteristics make it an excellent choice for high temperature insulation applications.

Braided Sleeving

  • Pipe Wrap: Ceramic Tapes offer electrical insulation and allow for innovative applications such as a beaded resistance wire, needed in processing petroleum products. More about Nextel™ Ceramic Tape...

Tape Wrap

        Electrical coating information is one of the many topics covered on 3m.com. Our site offers industrial ceramics and 3m plcc products.
For more detailed information
on compositions, applications and use temperatures, refer to the 3M™ Nextel™ Technical Notebook.

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