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Nextel™ and 3M™ Sewing Threads

Nextel™ machine-sewable threads are made from strong, continuous alumina-boria-silica fibers (about 90%) and from rayon (about 10%), which is added for resiliency, abrasion resistance, and improved sewability. The thread allows for simple manufacturing of custom blankets, seals, gaskets, curtains, zone dividers and other shaped or quilted items.

It is a practical and effective solution to sewing 3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fabrics, Tapes, Sleevings and other high-temperature fabrics.

For more detailed information on compositions, applications and use temperatures, refer to the 3M™ Nextel™ Technical Notebook.

Nextel™ Sewing Thread Product Bulletin (PDF, 60Kb) includes instructions for machine sewing using Nextel™ Sewing Thread.

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