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Nextel™ Woven Tapes

Nextel™ Woven Tapes are made from the same high-quality, continuous alumina-boria-silica fibers that have made 3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Textiles the best solution for high temperature applications. They provide simplicity and dependability at two different high-temperature limits: 2012° F (1100°C), and 2500°F (1370°C).

Typical applications include:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Hose protection
  • Fire zone cable protection
  • Pipe wrap

Nextel™ Woven or Braided Tape Product Bulletin (PDF, 41Kb)

3M™ Ceramic Tape Proves Superior Under Heat (PDF, 43Kb)

For more detailed information on compositions, applications and use temperatures, refer to the 3M™ Nextel™ Technical Notebook.

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