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Nextel™ Woven Fabric 312

Woven from strong continuous alumina-boria-silica fibers, this fabric retains its strength, with little shrinkage, at continuous temperatures up to 2012°F (1100°C).

When selecting the appropriate fabric, you may also wish to consider the following general trends for Nextel™ Woven Fabrics 312 :

Typical applications include:

  • Furnace curtains and zone dividers
  • Furnace and duct linings
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Flexible seals and gaskets
  • Sewn refractory parts and shapes
  • Flexible thermal barriers
  • Composite fire barriers
  • Micrometeorite debris shields

Features and Benefits

  • Fabrics withstand continuous use at temperatures >2012°F (1100°C).
  • Range of fabrics available appropriate for the application based on performance at temperature and product chemistry.

Ordering Information

    Item Width
    AF-10 38" (0,97m)
    AF-10, HC* 38" (0,97m)
    AF-11 38" (0,97m)
    AF-11, HC* 38" (0,97m)
    AF-12 58" (1,47m)
    AF-12, HC* 58" (1,47m)
    AF-14 38" (0,97m)
    AF-14, HT* 38" (0,97m)
    AF-30 36" (0,91m)
    AF-30, HT* 36" (0,91m)
    AF-40 36" (0,91m)
    AF-62 4" (0,10m)
    AF-62 12" (0,39m)
    AF-62 30" (0,76m)

    *HC or HT = heat cleaned or heat treated to remove sizing

  • Details on Heat Cleaning (PDF, 32Kb)
  • Do I need heat cleaning or heat treating?

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