A complete line of Masking Films for the automotive professional that protects the area's not to be refinished.

3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting
1/2 mil, high density, clear, tear resistant polyethylene film available in both 12 ft. and 16 ft. widths, designed to protect a vehicle from paint overspray. Folded to 3 ft. for easy one person application. Treated for improved paint overspray adhesion.

3M™ Paintable Plastic Sheeting
3M™ Paintable Plastic Sheeting in 12 ft. and 16 ft. widths is a clear, tear-resistant, uniquely formulated paint masking film designed to protect against direct applications of spray paint and overspray. Ensures that paint sticks and does not flake off.
3M™ High Temperature Automotive Repair Bag 7300
A high performance, high temperature plastic gross masking bag designed for masking cars, light trucks, and any large objects during paint repair.

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