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Splicing Kits Splicing Kits
The QS-III 5515 and 5516 Cold Shrink series splicing kit a re inline splices for joining 15kV Tape, Wire, LC and UniShield® power cables. It is a cold shrink design. More...

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•  Terminal Lugs
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Infrared ThermometerInfrared Thermometer
The one button operation of IR-500, IR-750 and IR-950 offer the ultimate in ease of use for fast, accurate temperature measurement. With single-point laser sighting, their point and shoot operations and back-lit LCD display make them user friendly. More...

What's New
3M Cold Shrink Termination Kits - The World Best terminations just got better!. Improve from one end to the other. Better design makes them easier to install. Better materials reduce down time. Smaller sizes to a big job. More...

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