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3M Scotchlite Sheetings

On the street, safety begins with visibility.

Motorist depend on traffic signs for warning, regulatory and guidance information. So when it comes to safety, high visibility is the single most important quality in any traffic sign. At night, it's critical that signs are seen clearly, well in advance, to ensure enough time for drivers to react safely

That's no easy task. Driving skills and visual acuity vary from person to person, and traffic signs must perform for all motorist. Signs must also perform in the address of roadyways in rural areas, or brightly lit multilane urban streets. Signs must stand up to the extremes of weather as well.

For these conditions, 3M has developed Scotchlite™ reflective sheetings for traffic control and guidance signs. Scotchlite
sheetings are a full line og highly reflective materials, designed for high visibility day or night, in all types of weather.


3M's high performance sheeting is used around the world to make signs more visible to drivers.

3M sheetings provide high visibility at wide angels and long distances, which is critical to effective signing.

Scotchlite reflective sheetings adopt to applications which increase civic pride as well as safety.

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