No Residue
Heavy Duty All-Weather
Extreme Hold
Scotch® Tough Duct Tape Heavy Duty All Weather

Scotch® Tough Duct Tape Heavy Duty All Weather features excellent adhesion and weatherability, a combination that ensures outdoor repairs and projects hold strong and last long. Even in extreme sunlight, heat, cold and moisture, it will resist drying, cracking and peeling - and that's why it lasts up to three times longer outdoors than other 3M heavy-duty grey duct tapes.

  • Waterproof backing and UV resistance for durability in all weather
  • Excellent adhesive strength and bond for durable repairs
  • Conformable and flexible for a tight, long-lasting and permanent hold
  • Effortless unwind and hand-tearing for easy use
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Good For :Interior/Exterior
Recommended For :Long-lasting permanent outdoor repairs and weatherproofing, Heavy-duty patching, Splicing, Reinforcing and bundling
Strength Level :Excellent
Weatherability :Excellent
UV Resistant :Yes