Making it easier to do business with 3M

At 3M we promise innovative, quality products and services that make life easier and better for you. We are continuing to deliver on this promise by introducing electronic ordering systems that reflect and complement business processes within our company.

Markets are changing and 3M is also making changes to ensure you have the right information at your fingertips to cope with the fast moving environment we do business in.

One of these changes involves the way you order products from us. 3M has long recognised the mutual benefits derived from electronic ordering and therefore we are encouraging all new and existing customers to purchase products electronically. There are two ways you can do this :

- 3M New Zealand Business Centre (Internet)

- Electronic Data Intechange (EDI)

eBusiness Home Page

The information on this site will provide an overview of how our Internet and EDI systems work.

Please contact 3M here if you wish to arrange a trial

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