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3M has been operating in Indonesia since 1975. Like many other 3M subsidiaries around the world it was established to bring the wide range of 3M products and services to the local marketplace. The original manufacturing facility was located in Cibinong but this was relocated to a new manufacturing facility in Tambun - Bekasi in 1980. Sales & Administration offices were located in Jakarta's Central Business District up until 1998 when these offices were consolidated with the Bekasi factory site. There is also a Branch Sales Office located in Surabaya.

PT 3M Indonesia
Plaza DM, 5th Floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 25
Jakarta 12920 - Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 5203401, 5203402
Fax     : (62-21) 5203106

3M Bandung Sales Center
Phone : (022) 6070574
Fax     : (022) 6024735

3M Surabaya Sales Center
Phone : (031) 5679810
Fax     : (031) 5679811

With our large product offering, 3M Indonesia serves the following diversified markets :



Electrical & Telecommunications

Health Care

Traffic & Safety


Office & Consumer

Our Corporate Values are :

Satisfying our customers with superior quality value and services

Providing our customers and shareholders return through sustained high quality growth.

Respecting the social and physical environment.

Being a Company that employees are proud to be part of.


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