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Check out the wide range of 3M accessories for your overhead projector. They'll help you stay organized and focused on your presentations.

Replacement Lamps
Ensure smooth presentations and always be prepared with 3M replacement lamps. 3M Replacement Lamps

Travel Accessories*
Our convenient travel accessories help you travel in style.

Soft Travel Bag
Hard-Shell Travel Cover
Carrying Handle

Roller Attachment and Write-On Film Rolls*
Eliminate the need for multiple transparency sheets with this convenient attachment for scrolling write-on film across the projector stage. The 3MT Roller Attachment and Write-On Film Rolls are a great addition for either prepared or spontaneous presentations.
Roller Attachment
Write-On Film Rolls 10 1/4"
Write-On Film Rolls 11 3/4"

3M Dust Cover*
The 3M Dust Cover keeps your projector clean and protects it from spills and scratches. Fits all 3M projectors.

*For details on these products, please refer to the spec sheets listed under each specific projector. For example, the soft travel bag for the 3M Model 9700 is listed on the spec sheet for the M9700.

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