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3M Aerospace

Thermal and Acoustics Business

3M knows the importance of passenger comfort at high altitudes. Controlling the environment, in terms of sound and temperature are equally important, and with the acquisition of MTI Polyfab, 3M can take your business to new heights.

MTI Polyfab’s catalogue of over 60 acoustically enhanced systems can be customized to fit all aircraft models. This thermal and acoustic insulation system has a multi-layer design that addresses the full range of unwanted airborne and structure-borne noise without adding excess weight.

MTI Polyfab products are:

  • Created with lightweight, flame-retardant materials
  • Prefabricated for each area of the aircraft
  • Installed faster and more economically than traditional systems

For ease of installation, all of the systems include applicable engineering drawings.
They also include part traceability, maintenance, and comply with FAA ruling § 25.856 (a).

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