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How to use this site

If you want a quick reference to the active elements, you can click the Town Plan button, which gives an overview of where the town sections are located.

The ethos of the site is that students explore the town for themselves with guidance from a teacher about which section(s) to visit. The students are asked questions throughout the site so that they can opt in to learn more about subjects that interest them and less about subjects that they don't want or need to find out about. Other questions are there to get students thinking about their own lifestyles before looking at a topic. On a number of occasions students are asked a question to which there is more than one possible answer – although this may frustrate some students, we hope this shows there is not always a simple answer or one correct solution when it comes to tackling sustainability.

The sections are designed for use in conjunction with classroom teaching and not as a replacement for it. Some topics and learning points may need more information and explanation than it is possible to provide within this website and teachers will need to differentiate and level topics to suit their students. Teachers may wish to introduce a topic and then let students explore the website (with guidance from the teacher) on their own in a computer–based lesson. Our trialling with schools shows that, in the main, the content was most appropriate for 14–16 year olds, or more able students in lower year groups.

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