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Geography lesson suggestions and curricular coverage

Register NOW!The PDFs below show which geography topics are covered in each section and what supporting materials are available. Some content is aligned to the more able students or years 9 and 10. Each PDF can be viewed on screen or downloaded for reference. Worksheets are supplied to revisit or consolidate some thought processes or learning outcomes. Alternatively, some of the worksheets could be set as a homework that is completed by finding the information on the website. In some cases it could be appropriate for classes to explore a section with a teacher-led journey using an interactive whiteboard.

The worksheets can be accessed by filling in a simple registration form.

Farm   Recycling
Forestry   Pollution
Power station   Renewable energy

NOTE: It is recommended that teachers use the Site Map located at the bottom of the site screen to explore and get familiar with the site and to correlate items to the learning focus provided.