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Science and technology lead the way to success

The Advisory Science Council advises Government on how science, technology and innovation can help Ireland's economic and social development.

The Advisory Science Council recently hosted a forum which gathered together leading national and international scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss how Ireland can make the most of its investment in science and technology. The purpose of the forum was for the leaders from different aspects of the science, technology and innovation system to share views on how Ireland can maximise the earning potential of its investment in science and technology.

The most critical issue of concern was the difficulties in the low number of students coming through the education system who achieve excellent results in science, technology, engineering and maths.

"Maths and core science subjects are fundamental ingredients for Ireland's development as a modern economy, important for both service and manufacturing jobs. Boosting our pipeline of students is critical to our aspirations for a future as a leading knowledge economy. If we do not attain the highest levels of achievement in maths and core science subjects we will have little to offer the global economy and jobs will go to other economies,"
commented Mary Cryan, Chair of the Advisory Science Council.
June 2009

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