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What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is a complex idea that integrates three main goals:

  • continued and enhanced environmental quality
  • economic security
  • improved social justice.

The definition of sustainable development is broad, but so too is the challenge ahead, from making predictions,
to tackling the effects on the climate and developing green resources for the future.

Achieving the goals is difficult and the solutions are unknown at this time. The aim of society working towards
a sustainable future encompasses a number of viewpoints and the approaches currently being adopted include:

  • consideration of technological solutions
  • changing individual behaviours and lifestyles
  • introducing stringent new laws.

In 1994, Professor David Hicks, a Trustee of the World Studies Trust and a professor at Bath Spa University College said:

"Working towards a sustainable future requires production planned to meet human needs together with a more just
distribution of resources. It means reducing the harmful effects of industry and new technology, challenging company
policies which are dangerous to people and the environment, stopping aid programmes which are inappropriate and
damaging, reducing over-consumption and waste, restraining population growth, distinguishing clearly between wants
and needs and organising locally, nationally and internationally for appropriate change."

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