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Food shopping

Making the most efficient use of energy

To work out whether your food shopping is an efficient use of energy, consider how much energy is spent going to the shop. Could your family get to the local supermarket by public transport? Are there smaller shops closer to your home where you could buy food?

If you shop every few days at local shops – only buying the food you need for the next couple of days – you could walk to the shops and carry your food home. This would save fuel and give you exercise. The food may be slightly more expensive when you shop this way but it will save money on fuel and transport as well as supporting local shop owners. Of course the food needs to be transported to your local shops but this is usually done in large quantities so it is quite energy efficient.

Try to work out what the most energy efficient way is for
your family to shop.

Why are supermarkets often on the edges of towns?

 Because other shops are in the town centre

 So it is easy to drive there

Supermarket often on the edge of town