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Improving conditions for feeding and growing

Hydroponic horticulture Farmers can provide the ideal conditions for animals to mature and plants to grow to full size with minimum energy expended.

Farmers can provide the right food for animals to eat and can also sometimes use growth hormones to make animals grow larger and develop to maturity faster.

When growing plants, farmers can provide the perfect balance of nutrients that the plants need to grow. In greenhouses, they can also control environmental conditions such as temperature, light and atmosphere so the plants grow as fast as possible.

Hydroponics is a form of growing plants without soil. The plants are grown in nutrient rich solutions, usually in large greenhouses where all the growing conditions are controlled. In this environment, there is no need to worry about pests, weeds or the quality of the soil – or environment outside the greenhouse. Many plants can be grown in the same space and planting and harvesting are easy and efficient. This form of farm is expensive to set up and staff need training to maintain it.

Once you know how to maximise food production, decide what you
need to grow nutritious food?

 Sunshine, water and carbon dioxide

 Over ten different chemicals