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Will we always have food to eat?

As more and more people are being born and surviving to adulthood, the world's population is continually increasing. Each new person born needs food and water to stay alive. To feed more and more people, farms and farming techniques have had to become more efficient at producing food. This has been achieved through:

  • fertilisers that increase the size of plants and help plants
    grow in poor soil
  • pesticides that kill crop-eating predators
  • new breeds of plants that can grow closer together, or
    grow more or larger produce
  • medical advances in treating animals e.g. with antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones so more healthy animals
    survive and grow bigger (provide more produce).

As the world's population continues to increase, we need to find new ways to produce enough food,
such as building vertical farms. We also need to minimise energy loss in food chains and maximise
the amount of food that is healthy, edible and nutritious.

Which of these foods is the more efficient provider of protein?