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Recycling bank

Why should I recycle?

Governments and businesses are making recycling easier

Much of what is thrown away in landfill sites could be recycled. Governments around the world are encouraging recycling to prevent landfill and reduce our use of fresh resources. Businesses are being encouraged to design their products and packaging so both are easy to recycle once they have done their job. As a result, the UK is now recycling much more. In 2008, the UK recycled 61% of its packaging waste, over twice what it managed in 1997 (28%). This means over 6.6 million tonnes of packaging waste was reused instead of going to landfill, and over 8.9 million tonnes of climate changing gases were saved from going into the atmosphere.

Source: DEFRA – Making the Most of Packaging, June 2009

Does recycling use a lot of energy?