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Recycling bank

How to recycle – the Do's and Don'ts of recycling


  1. Paper and cardboard can't be recycled if they are covered with food. Greasy wrappers or boxes should go into the compost or main rubbish. Clean packaging can be recycled e.g. pizza box lids can be recycled but the base may be too greasy.
  2. Put kitchen towels and tissues in the compost, as their fibres are too short to recycle.
  3. Many types of plastic packaging are difficult and expensive to recycle e.g. yoghurt pots are made from a mixture of different plastics, which are difficult to separate so these are usually not recycled. Most plastic bottles can be recycled. These plastics can be recycled:
    • PET (bottles for fizzy drinks, squash drinks, cooking oil).
    • HDPE (bottles for milk & fruit juice, washing-up liquid, fabric conditioner).
    • PVC (bottles for still mineral water, toiletries, squash drinks).
  4. Batteries contain harmful metals so they should be taken to an appropriate recycling point. Do not throw batteries in the general rubbish or a mixed recycling load.

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