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Recycling bank

Collecting recycling

In the past, material for recycling was not collected from people's homes. If you wanted to recycle, you had to take your materials to a recycling point. Nowadays, most councils in Ireland collect recyclables from people's doorsteps in lorries, just like they collect general rubbish.

Recycling services vary a lot depending on where you live in the country. Some areas collect all recyclable materials in one bag or box. Other areas collect different materials on different days. The reasons for this are:

  • Cost – New recycling facilities are expensive, so councils find it easy to collect products like paper and glass that have been recycled for decades.
  • Targets – In the past councils were given recycling targets based on weight, so heavier waste (such as glass and metal) was recycled in preference to plastics.
  • Collection problems – In the countryside there are long distances between homes and few recycling facilities, making collection expensive. In towns there is less space to collect and separate waste and people may not be able to put bins or boxes in the street.

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