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How the school
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Heating a building

There are many ways to heat a building. Most involve using hot water in radiators or under-floor heating. The water in a large building can be heated in a variety of ways:

  • Using mains electricity to heat water.
  • Burning gas to heat water.
  • Combined heat and power equipment, where a fuel is burned on site to produce electricity and heat. The heat produced while generating electricity is used to heat the building. This is much more efficient than generating electricity at a power station where heat is wasted and energy is lost in distributing the electricity.
  • Biomass boilers burn biofuel (wood, woodchip pellets or other combustible scraps) to heat water.
  • Ground source heat pumps run pipes underground to remove heat from the earth and pump it into a building.
  • Air source heat pumps take warmth from the outdoor air using a fan unit.

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