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Power station

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power stations

Electricity distribution

Once electricity is generated, it needs to be used immediately.
It cannot be stored easily. Electrical cables are therefore used to
carry the electricity from where it is generated to where it is needed. These cables extend all over the country forming a network that is
called the national grid. In rural areas, large towers called pylons
carry the electrical cables. In towns, the cables are underground
and out of the way.

Whenever you turn on a light or use electricity, it is coming direct
from a power station (or other place of generation) to your home.
If lots of people turn on their lights, cookers and kettles at the same
time (e.g. at half-time in a major football match), there is a sudden demand for electricity. In order to meet this demand, extra power
stations are sometimes needed. As it takes time to get a power
station running, people in charge of the national grid need to
predict when there are likely to be surges in demand and prepare
for this with extra power stations or hydroelectric storage.

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