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Think about crisps

We don't often think about the food we buy and eat.
You may be hungry and buy a packet of crisps from the vending machine but have you ever thought about:

  • How the crisps were made?
  • Were they made locally from locally grown potatoes?
  • Were the spices in the flavouring grown in
    India or Spain or locally?
  • Where were the crisps made?
  • What is the packet made from?

If it's plastic, the packet is made from oil, a fossil fuel.
How much energy was used extracting the oil, processing it and turning it into a plastic?
The plastic was then processed again to become a crisp packet. The crisps were fried
using fuel to create heat. The crisps were put into the packet – probably by an electrically
powered machine. Then the crisps were transported to a warehouse, then a shop and
then the vending machine. And then you eat them in two minutes whilst waiting for the bus.