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Build your
own home

Costs of building an eco-designed home

Eco-design principle Cost compared with traditional Irish home
Keep buildings small and compact so they need less energy to heat (or cool) and use fewer materials. None – design only
Build in a modular style of building components can be reused if the building is damaged or dismantled. Cheap if manufactured in large quantity
Use pre-fabricated sections that are made off-site to save energy of transporting equipment and people to site. Cheaper
Place large double or triple glazed windows toward the sun (south in the northern hemisphere). Slightly more expensive than single-glazed windows
Have fewer, smaller windows on the side of the building that gets less light and heat (north in the northern hemisphere). None – design only
Consider the direction of winds and place a low pitched (rising) roof on the side of the building that is likely to get cold winds or use trees or walls carefully to direct the wind over the building. Minimal – cost of trees
Incorporate rainwater harvesting. Low to moderate cost

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