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Test your knowledge on sustainable forestry

  True False Answer
1. Biodiversity means too many species relying on one small area for their food.
2. More birds are found in coniferous forests than temperate broadleaved forests.
3. High temperatures cause leaf litter to break up into humus on forest floors.
4. Monoculture is where one type of tree is grown in a plantation.
5. Trees release large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as they grow.
6. Coppiced trees never get replanted.
7. Leaching is adding nitrate fertiliser to the trees in a forest.
8. A sustainable forest is managed to consist of a variety of different trees at a
mixture of ages and sizes.
9. Trees in coniferous forests store more water than those in TRFs .
10. Forest soils are poor in nutrients so should not be used for agriculture.
11. Logging of hardwood trees in TRFs should be encouraged, as they grow fast in the
hot humid climate.
12. Most of the fresh water in the Amazon Basin is stored in its trees.

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