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Sustainable forestry in a coniferous forest

Replacing biologically diverse upland moors at Kielder with a monoculture of exotic species, to which few native species could adapt, was an ecological disaster. Steps were taken to change the forest to a more sustainable one.

The life around a tree inside a forest

  1. The space between blocks of trees has been increased from 20m per hectare to 90m, allowing in more light and space for native species to regenerate.
  2. Broadleaved species were planted along streams and valleys to act as wildlife corridors for migrating birds and other fauna.
  3. Natural regeneration of native trees such as birch and rowan was encouraged both at the edges and in the newer planted areas.
  4. Timber cutting was staggered so that compartments of trees were harvested at a younger or older age than the optimum economic age. Income is lost but biodiversity is maintained and soil erosion on windy bare hill slopes is less of a problem. Subsequent planting and harvesting will lead to a more balanced rotational management.