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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of applying fertilisers to the land:

  1. It increases crop yield and improves poor quality land.
  2. Manure improves soil texture, recycles nitrogen and introduces essential bacteria.
  3. Pasture is improved so animals fatten up quicker.
  4. Once marshland is drained, fertilisers can help reclaim that land for pasture
  5. Crops grow faster – particularly when hybrid seeds are used.

Disadvantages of using artificial fertilisers:

  1. Crops grow better, but so do weeds. Therefore herbicide sprays are required too.
  2. Better quality plants attract insects so pesticides may be needed.
  3. Excess nitrogen from fertilisers gets into water supplies, causing fish to die.
  4. Chemicals need to be used safely. In poorer countries in particular, farmers can
    damage their health by applying fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides incorrectly.
  5. Artificial fertilisers, applied without organic additions, do not improve soil structure.



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