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The farm
as a system

The farm as a system

Arable/mixed farmingFarming is fundamental to any society if its people do not want to spend their days searching for, collecting and hunting food. It is big business and is classed as a primary industry taking its resources from the land.

Like a lot of businesses, farms operate as a system. Systems have inputs, processes and outputs.

  • Inputs are what go into the system.
  • Processes happen within the system. In farms the processes are the activities that take place throughout the year. Processes involve the farmer making decisions about what to plant, how to care for the animals, which fertiliser to use (if any), when the weather will be good to plant and harvest, and what the sale price is likely to be. Government and EU policy can affect these decisions.
  • Outputs are the products of the system.



What are the products of a system called?