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Driver feedback

Slow down!

This sign reminds drivers who are going too fast that they need to slow down. It doesn't need to use electricity from the national grid to work. It uses solar power, which means it has photovoltaic cells that capture the sun's energy and convert it to electricity. The sign can be set so it only lights up when a person is speeding so most of the day it does not use the energy it captures and saves the energy in a battery. This stored energy powers the equipment during the night, when there is no sunlight.

Take it easy!

Driving too fast is dangerous! If a driver is speeding and has an accident, they are going to do more damage to the car, themselves and others than if they were driving at or below the speed limit. Speeding also uses more fuel. The faster a car is driven (above 50 kmph), the less efficient it is, so sticking to the speed limit in towns is better for the environment and safer, too.

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