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Reducing carbon footprint

Consider your transport options

If the large car (on the previous page) was carrying five passengers going to Cork, the total CO2 emission for the car journey would be split between the five travellers. This would give them an individual carbon footprint for the journey that is less than taking the plane, or even the train. However, if the train is making the journey anyway, empty seats would mean the train uses more CO2 per passenger. Public transport is usually the most environmentally responsible option, if it is available and widely used.

Depending on the distance, planes can be up to 10 times more polluting than trains. Short flights (like Dublin to Cork) are worse than long flights (like Dublin to New York) because take-off and landing use most of the fuel on a flight.

You can use this tool to calculate the carbon contribution of your journey to school:

 Other ways to reduce carbon use