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A story of invention

Grace hurt her leg and can't walk far. She decides to adapt an existing quadboard to help her. Using rechargeable batteries and a small electric motor she makes a powered quadboard. Wires run from the motor to a switch she holds in her hand to turn the motor on and off.

After a few days, Grace realises that turning is a problem on her board so she adds a steering mechanism. Once she has perfected this, some of her classmates ask her to make them a similar board. She starts producing a few boards for friends but then Thomas gets in touch claiming she has stolen his idea. Grace explains that she didn't know about the patent. Legally Grace is still in the wrong as ignorance can't be used as an excuse, but as she isn't selling the boards, Thomas generously allows her to make some for friends.

But demand for the motorised boards grows so Grace agrees to buy the patent from Thomas and enters licensing agreements with Maggie and other patent holders involved in the steering and motor mechanisms. Grace can start to manufacture and sell motorised, steerable quadboards.


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