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responsible construction

Reducing energy use in homes and construction

Sustainable by design

  • Can ways of providing shade be incorporated so there is less need for air-conditioning?
  • Can the building be designed to collect and use rainwater? This would save fresh water and save energy in pumping mains water. Rainwater can be used for tasks that don't require good drinking water, like flushing toilets.
  • Can double or triple glazing be incorporated so less heat energy is lost through windows?
  • Can low-energy light bulbs and appliances be used so less electricity is used in the day-to-day running of the building?
  • What's the most energy-efficient boiler or renewable heating system to install?.
  • How can the energy used in heating and providing hot water be minimised?
  • Could a combined heat and power system be used to provide heat and electricity?.
  • Is it possible to use alternative methods of generating hot water and electricity (such as solar panels or photovoltaic cells)? Often more than one type of technology can be used.

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