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responsible construction

Reducing energy use in homes and construction

Sustainable by design

Designing buildings with sustainability in mind can make massive savings to the energy needed to build and run the final building. Design considerations might include:

  • Can fewer building materials be used in the construction e.g. build smaller buildings or buildings with shared walls such as flats?
  • Can much of the construction be done off-site in a factory? If only the assembly process of construction takes place on site, energy is saved in getting workers to the site as the building process is very quick. The factory is making lots of building parts at the same time so each part only uses a small amount of energy and often the parts are of a standard system so they could be re-used if the building was taken down.
  • Can lots of insulation be incorporated into the building so less energy is needed to heat or cool the final building?
  • How can maximum use be made of daylight so less energy is needed for electrical lighting?
  • Can ways of providing shade be incorporated so there is less need for air-conditioning?

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