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responsible construction

Reducing energy use in homes and construction

Choosing more sustainable building materials

There are lots of options when looking for more sustainable building materials.

  • Reusing materials, particularly if they're from a building that was previously on the site or close-by can save a lot of energy in making and transporting new materials.
  • Using recycled materials e.g. recycled glass, roof tiles made
    from old tyres.
  • Using materials from sustainable sources that don't have to
    travel too far (e.g. wood from forests in the same country) or
    use too much energy.
  • Reduce the need to bring in new materials by using earth from the building site. New buildings made from earth (called rammed earth buildings) are relatively new, rare and experimental. Soil is carefully mixed with clay, sand and stones, then compacted under force to make a natural building material.

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