heart image This course is a survey of normal and abnormal heart sounds and murmurs likely to be encountered by medical professionals and students. The course starts with normal heart sounds and continues with extra heart sounds and murmurs.

System Requirements

We use Apple's Quicktime audio/video player in this course. If your PC does not have Quicktime installed, you may be prompted to do so.

Please use good quality headphones or earphones as you listen to the sounds. As a test of your headphones, play the 50 Hertz tone (a low frequency humming sound). To do so, click the play button below.  If you can not hear this tone, replace your headphones before beginning the course.

Course Navigation

Each lesson consists of three pages: audio with text description, dynamic waveform and cardiac animation. On the lesson page, use the tab bar to access these pages:

After completing a lesson, use the blue arrows for next lesson. Lessons can also be accessed directly via the Table of Contents. Use the link below to begin the course.

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This course is intended for medical professionals and medical or nursing students. If you require medical help, please contact your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.