Beauty Saves

LEDS are the smart choice. 3M Design made them the emotional choice.


Save Energy

Get more people to choose energy-efficient LED light bulbs.


New Beauty

Rationally, people know that LED bulbs save energy. However, we learned that people desire the familiar beauty of traditional bulbs. We investigated how to bridge that gap.


What makes a light bulb beautiful?


Customers want to feel like an LED bulb is a modern piece of technology, but, at the same time, human, like a traditional incandescent: warm light, round shape. If we do that, LEDs would be an easier choice for people to make.


  • Award: Graphic Design USA American Package Design
  • Familiar Shape: Traditional round form, without sacrificing efficiency or longevity
  • Modern Features: Uses significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Beautiful Light: Uniform, soft, warm light
  • Responsible: Contains no mercury, and it lasts up to 25 years